Valuation Project

Repurposed credit cards, molding paste, acrylic, raspberry pi, e-ink display on wood

81.5 cm x 66.2 cm (32.1 in x 26.1 in)

the valuation project combines an original work of art with bitcoin’s blockchain and an internet-enabled computer to address the age-old question: “how does one value art?”

the current value of the artwork is shown on its digital display and represents the amount of bitcoin that has been sent to the piece's dedicated, public-facing wallet.  this amount updates in real-time with each new deposit. 

the work is connected to the online world, who together determine its value.  the piece is alive and shares its dynamic price tag via a real-time video feed. It is physical matter, but even ethereal, like its wireless connection to others.    the world control its price, and it is conscious of this.