Strikes Twice

Strikes Twice debuted a split payment technology meant to inspire a wide range of lightning use cases.  

I created the plugin w/ @fiatjaf and demonstrated it via a DJ set wherein listeners sent sats via QR if they liked a track.  The sats were auto-split 10% to me for playing the track & 90% to the producer for creating it.  Some producers also opted to have their music downloadable if a certain payment threshold was met.  

I created the project because the digital economy is broken for musicians.  Royalties from streaming services aren't sustainable for producers.  And oftentimes platforms use bots that arbitrarily shutdown livestreams for perceived copyright violation.  If the music isn’t heard, nobody wins.  I envision a future where split payments upend these antiquated models with new revenue streams for all parties involved.  


You can watch the DJ set here.